Saturday, December 4, 2010

Look what my kid’s made


For those of you who can’t see that picture clearly (which should be everyone), that’s a Santa hat on their toys they made.  I helped out by making the outfits.


And look what else they’ve made all on their own recently…….




Okay, I had some involvement, but for the most part that was all them.  And less messy this time.  Such a better plan to use just one color.




That is a picture of Batman carefully sewing ears on his bat doll, which he designed.  I did the machine sewing, and he sewed the doll closed, and then sewed the wings (made of felt leftover from his bat costume) on, and then he decided he needed ears because bats have good hearing, as we learned in our science lesson.




And this last one isn’t really an art project or anything, just Superman being very proud of figuring out how to make the letter Q out of his wooden snake and a toy carrot………


And, I’m sure I will have lots more random projects to add because I’m about to turn my kids loose on a whole slew of toilet paper rolls that we didn’t end up using for a MOPS craft playdate.

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