Friday, July 29, 2011

Math: What equals nine

I started rummaging through my old teaching stuff and found this great game:


It’s from this book.  Back when I was teaching over the summer I spent hours and hours coloring all sorts of games and used up so many markers.



Before playing the game I set them to figuring out all of the ways they could make nine using two addends.  I put out the nine, and they happily set to it.





Eventually they had a small handful of equations that added up to 9.  Or, the boys did.  Princess on the other hand, sat there insisting she wasn’t able to do it until I showed her how it was done.  She’s going to be one I have to figure out what to do.  She’s capable but second guesses herself way too often.


Eventually we got down to playing the game.  It’s quite simple, you take off two numbers that add up to 9 and go around until all of the numbers have been taken.  The person with the most numbers wins.  YEAH!


I’m trying to think of some other fun ones like this, any theme suggestions for making it?

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