Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day!

We’ve spent the past two weeks with at least one member of our family sick, which makes for not so exciting times here, especially when it’s Mom who gets sick.  That wasn’t so fun.  My plan is to do a sort of “12 Days of Christmas” thing and celebrate Valentine’s Day afterwards, starting today.


But, I thought I’d show you the two early celebrations I got to have:



I got to go see Wicked with two of my bestest friends, and yes BESTEST is a word.  Do you know how many shots it took before we were able to get the kids to not stand in the picture?


If I look all rosy and pink it’s because I was running a rather high fever and thoroughly amused Tami and Tara with my rather…….. unusual non-sequitors.


Here’s my armload full of goodies from the kids.  Princess gave me chocolate strawberries and a cupcake (with hints that she likes that too), Superman gave me a bear (“It says I love you Mommy”), and Batman gave me the balloon and flowers (“You can plant them, aren’t they pretty?”).


I have spent the past 3 days with all 3 of them bringing me my presents to make use of.  “Do you want to cuddle your bear Mommy?”  “Can I bring you your balloon?”


It’s so adorable.  I am so very VERY BLESSED.  I will spare you any maudlin thoughts or beliefs, but aren’t they just so adorable?

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