Monday, February 27, 2012

Spies in the American Revolution or Secret Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunt
This past week for our history coop we learned about spies and secret messages sent during the American Revolution.

To start off the younger kids decoded a simple symbol substitution, which was incredibly easy, but very much enjoyed.  For the older kids we did this worksheet, which was quite a bit harder.

While they were busy doing that I set out the secret messages.

To make the treasure hunt it’s very simple.  Decide the order of the clues, so I knew where it was being put I wrote on the back.  On the front I wrote the clue for where the next place was in pencil.

All of the kids enjoyed the treasure hunt, I’d show you a picture of the “treasure,” but they descended on it too fast and had devoured it before I got there.

Afterwards they got to have a try at writing in invisible ink (AKA lemon juice).  Later we’re going to try revealing what they wrote.  I’m hoping to be more successful than the last time we tried this.

It’s hopefully going to work well.
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