Saturday, June 6, 2009

6 Unimportant Things That Make Me Happy

6 UnimportantThings That Make Me Happy- TAG
I had Orange Juice spilled on me and now I'm fulfilling my tag. Okay, it's not as clever as it seemed in my head :).

TAG: What 6 Unimportant Things Make Me Happy?

1. Book stores- I love them, I practically have one in my house. We have 8 bookcases and they're full.

2. Sewing- it's my creative outlet and a way to feel like I'm being productive. This is also why I don't do housework.

3. World of Warcraft- my husband got me addicted. I wouldn't play but for him and all his college friends. So every couple of nights we get online and go kill evil bad guys. My kids want to play too.....

5. Slave labor- also known as making my kids clean the floors. It's my equivalent of a housekeeper, unfortunately it's not a very good one. But it's a little less work I have to do.

6. Sales at Joann's or Michael's or Hobby Lobby- I love sales. I love to get a good deal, and then I love to tell my husband about it. He then rolls his eyes and grudgingly listens. I don't give him a blow by blow, but for some reason I feel the need to justify what I spend even if it's budgeted. It's weird

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Yeah, I so totally forgot to make those links to the people's blogs when I first put this up. Oops. Fixed that now.

Now of course I have to actually remember to tag all these people....
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