Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Preschool Corner: Life edition

To not repeat what we did with Princess, just go here to see what they did with her.

We found a caterpillar in Target, and got a chance to talk about butterflies and caterpillars again. Then this morning the Magnifying Glass had a great post about the caterpillars they watched, and they had so much fun looking at the post and talking about it. There's nothing so cute as a 2 year old trying to say chyrsalis.

We do a lot of our schooling on the go as well as at home, in the car at most of the stop lights (and there's a lot in Austin), I ask them to show me which way straight, left, or right is. They have straight down, and are getting closer to undestanding left and right. I just found a great idea to help them get down right for sure and work on their manners at the same time (Score!).

I want to talk more about our playdough cookies I mentioned yesterday in Tot School. Here's how I let them do most of the measuring and mixing.

I precut the butter to a smaller size and let them cut it down into small pieces with butter knives.

They did most of the early stages of mixing, before we added the next ingredient I would give it a quick stir around to make sure it was mixed.

Finally they got to knead in the dye, which stained Batman's hands red. I need to get more food coloring besides red and yellow, I have cake gel, but that's a lot harder to mix in.

After nap we rolled it out and the kids had a blast making cookies using the cookie cutters.

We cleaned the floor. I love these child sized mops, and I'm probably going to order some better brooms than we currently have because we've broken them several times, and that's a skill that's a really good one to learn.
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