Thursday, June 4, 2009

How to make a doll bed

Or how to get yourself in a lot of trouble. See last Friday I came up with the brilliant idea of giving my kids 3 options: make playdough cookies, go for a walk and take pictures, make a bed for their new dolls.
Why was this a bad idea, because 2 of them picked the cookies and the third picked the bed. He then spent the next 3 days, which is when I said we would make them since it wasn't picked, asking if it was time to make them.......

So, here's what you need: shoe box or other small box (one of them is made out of a trash bag box cut down), cloth, stuffing of some sort, sewing machine or glue

1. Let your kid choose what fabric they want to use. Then be completely surprised by their picks.

2. Cut out the fabric. I laid my boxes right on top of it and basically cut an extra two inches all around. That's so when you stuff it the pillow is still the same size as the box.

3. Sew around three of the edges with right (pretty) sides together and turn it inside out. If you don't have a sewing machine or don't want to sew glue around 3 edges and wait for the glue to dry. When it's dry turn it inside out.
Superman's great photography

4. Get your stuffing and let your kid shove it in to their heart's content. You really can't ovestuff these.

5. Fold in the edges and put a second piece of cloth in there sticking out to be the blanket. Sew the edges shut, or glue. Put this in the box.

6. While you're doing the sewing or while you're waiting for the glue to dry decorate the outside of the boxes. My kids cut out construction paper and glued it on and colored all over. You could pretty much do whatever you want.
Just to confuse me and you Superman is wearing a Batman shirt today and Batman is wearing a Superman shirt. I kept calling them by the wrong name the whole day, and boy did they get mad

7. Put your pillow/mattress in and tuck your baby in.

Batman even got to take his cape to bed

Ever since they've made the beds they've been carrying them all over the house for the whole week. It's been really hilarious, and led to some hilarious conversations.

B: "I going to movies. YOu watch the babies."
S: "I going too. Sleep good babies"
Me: "Who's going to watch the babies?"
B: "We'll take them with us. Come on babies."

It's so cute, they're talking about being the babies Daddies, and how they have to take care of the babies and guard them. It's adorable!

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