Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fun easy geography game

us and neighbors

So ages ago when I had a gift certificate to Currclick I bought this cool set, basically it’s a PDF of the states with a picture of the state and it’s name.  I’ve printed two copies to play Go Fish in the future, but for right now we’re just matching it on the map.

So, how do we play the game?

024 022 023

Basically we take turns drawing a state and then crawling across the map (or that’s Princess’ theory) to find it and putting a push pin in.  The push pin is the key.  It’s much more fun when using something that could draw blood if improperly handled.

So, that’s our quick geography game.  As Natalie commented, almost everything turns into a game at our house.  “I bet I can get _______ done before you can.”

Sigh, kids.  Who I should probably let out of the room now.  Maybe.  I’ve threatened horrible things.

I'm going to remember to hook this up to Debbie over at Children Grow, Children Explore, Children Learn, and then I might include this as a Works for Me Wednesday tip.

Come back next week to see what not to study for Oklahoma (hint it involves music and my boys trying to reenact parts……).
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