Monday, September 13, 2010

Math Links: Skip Counting and Doubles

What do these have to do with each other?  Well, nothing really other than I’ve started putting together a math book to help them with their math.


Our math lesson this week was about skip counting, and I remembered a super cool printable that Jolanthe had made over at Homeschool Creations, so I hopped over there and printed those off.  First one to a page, and then 3 copies at 4 to a page (you’ll understand why in a sec).


Then I scanned in the doubles book I made when I was teaching, because a few weeks ago we touched on the doubles, and made that into a book (you’re about to get two different versions, one to print one page at a time, and one that I used to print multiple pages at once).

My Doubles Book



Superman completing his math with the help of his cool new book, using my cool new binding machine (FYI, I glued the pages together since I forgot to print on cardstock, added benefit it’s double-sided now).


And, that would be all I had written prior to Patrick (my step-father dying), and I”m too tired to write more, but I want to get this published.


So, head on over to Joyful Learner to see other great math ideas.

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