Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Running errands as seen by my kids

I had a theory of writing a day in the life post as seen by me, and then I uploaded the kid’s camera pictures……..  They’re quite prolific.  And this is after I trimmed it down A LOT.




First we must run around like madmen or chickens with our heads cut off and gather our stuff.  This particular instance we were going to the library.  For that all library books must be gathered.  It might take some time, and require extra things like backpacks.



Of course Aquaman will keep us safe.







After all dangerous villains like Black Manta are lurking about, and you never know when they will strike next.






Aquaman must throw his water ball to protect everyone.





139 133 135 137


Kick your feet A LOT.

159 104

That is of course hilarious!



And when you get out launch yourself at an unsuspecting Mommy thinking she will TOTALLY catch you.



That’s how you run errands.

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