Thursday, September 2, 2010

Preschool Corner and Mommy Corner: GOALS for September

 Mission of the Month
monthly goals at mama smiles
I figure more accountability is better, right?
How did we do on Summer goals?
013Reading:  did not achieve it, mainly because I figured out it wasn’t what they needed to be doing.  By working on it the way I was it was killing their interest in reading, so I’ve put that on hold for now and am concentrating on reading to them a lot
NEW GOAL:  I won the All About Spelling giveaway over on the Homeschool Crew blog, so I’d like to complete Step 1, which is memorize all the sounds the 26 letters make.  They know all of the common ones from Leap Frog Letter Factory, so we’re slowing working through remembering the less common ones.

Handwriting: We more or less got through what I wanted to, but they still really need help.  I’ve printed off the Jan Brett alphabet tracers and the kids are working on tracing 2 letters each day in heavy duty page protectors (I figured out that it was the quality of the page protector that was frustrating them, these are much stiffer).

Math: again, yes and no.  Are their math skills better?  Yes, can they reliably count to 100, no not really.
NEW GOAL: be able to write all of the numbers from 1-20 so I can recognize them without my helping.  Batman is well on his way, he can write them all, I don’t always recognize them.  Princess is being silly about this, but she’s 3, and Superman is being whiny right now.

030 History and Science: for both of these I’ve broken down the books for the semester down into manageable sections so I know what I’m doing for each day we do school.  History, I still need to finish the rest of the year, but I’ve got through December planned so I’m good.  Science I’ve broken the entire book down, so I’m really happy with that.

I have to admit those are the easier ones for me to get organized, they’re what I really love.


in no particular order beyond the random way I think of them.

002 1.  I’d like to lose a couple of pounds of vanity weight.  I”m still at a healthy weight, but I’d like to lose a little bit of weight, I’ve noticed I’ve put on about 5 pounds or so, and I don’t like that.  So, my goal for this month is to lose 2 pounds.

2.  I miss sewing.  I’d sewn a little back in the spring, and then since getting back into town my sewing/school room is such a mess that I haven’t really wanted to go back in there.  So this is a 2 part goal:  1.  clean the room; and 2.  sew something.  I have several projects I want to do, and about 50 more projects the kids want me to do.  Amusingly enough the boys are the ones coming up with stuff for me to make.  (See all my quilt squares cut out, that’s for one of the two quilts I’d like to complete by Christmas).

3.  Get my bedroom back under control.  Right now it’s a huge mess.  I’d show you a picture but then I’d have to shoot you, it’s that bad.

4.  Organize my pantry.  It’s way too scary.

5.  Schooling related:  finish up more of my printables for state studies and then upload them to somewhere that’s not Scribd with all the probability of it charging now or at some point.013

6.  Spiritual: get more earnest in my Bible study, a review post to hopefully come up later today about a cool study I”m getting to review.  Also, actually sit down and write the rest of the Jesus stories, and then I need to age them up, because I discovered last Sunday they don’t work for 2/3 kids at church.
See what I mean about mess?  Actually that particular one is solved for right now.
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