Monday, September 6, 2010


It’s starting to “cool off” here, by that I mean the high is only in the 90s, not 100+.


So, I thought I’d celebrate the unofficial end of summer with what has  become my new favorite pool, which sadly is closing today for the season.


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The water is surprisingly cool.  Most pools at this point in the summer are actually rather warm from having been warmed all summer long in the Texas sun, but this pool is kinda cold.  I know it’s just cold to us sissy Texans, but still.


042 040

“I’m a crocodile Mommy!  I’m going to get you."


054 053

What’s the point in a waterproof camera if you don’t take a few underwater shots?


056061062  059 

We went there this weekend with Jeff, and since I had an extra adult I was able to get them to try the big slide.  (Obviously, this is not the big slide, but I didn’t bring my camera Saturday, and it’d be a little hard to take a picture of me sliding down anyways).  The boys LOVED it, and I went down that slide with them at least 20 times each.  I think they were in a competition to see who could go down it most.



Shhhh, don’t tell them I won, because they weren’t tall enough to go down by themselves yet.



If anyone’s interested in going there next summer, here’s their website.

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