Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bible Alive: Samson

So, way back when I was a kid my Mom got us a Bible playset that had a Samson doll, Delilah, and maybe had a book.  I primarily remember the Samson and the tape.  The tape told the story of Samson and had a song.


“Samson what’s your secret? Samson, Samson tell me please.  Samson, if you love me, where does your strength lie?”

“Delilah is luring our Samson.  Fulfilling the Philistine plan, to capture, bind, and afflict him, and stop this mighty man.”


So, as you can see the songs you learn as a kid stick with you for a very long time.


But, back to the  lesosn I taught my kids.  As I’ve said before our history this year is Ancient, and it includes Bible stories, and this one was about Samson.  Samson was famous for two things, okay several: long hair, bad taste in women, and very strong.  Let’s face it, it’s the women who caused most of his problems.


Well, we reenacted Samson’s famous death scene, when he literally brought the house down.  LITERALLY.

 009 010 011


We didn’t really bring the house down.  Just some giant foam pillows we had fun taking turns knocking down like Samson.


And for kicks afterwards we could have watched the Veggietales “Minnesota Cuke and Samson’s Hairbrush.”  But, I forgot to find it in time, maybe later.


And then we could sing that famous song, “Oh where is my hairbrush?”

You know you already had it stuck in your head……..




Thank you, thank you very much.  Now head on over to Fantastic Five.

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