Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How to build a fence according to kids

So, not too surprisingly our fence needed repairs after the flood, and so Jeff and I spent an afternoon fixing it while the kids “helped.”

025 021 023 024
The boys happily sat there hammering nails into the old sections of fence.  For a while.  Then it progressed.

040 036 037 038
Yes, that is my five year old boys with the power drill.  And princess is happily petting one of Mac’s chew toys.

From there it went to building a fort.

With lots of careful instructions to be careful carrying the boards, so there’d be no hitting in the head with boards.

And then a tee pee around their trees (a friend gave us a tree for each child when they were born, so they quite proudly point out “my tree”).

They slowly added in more boards.

004 003
Then they became swords and guns.  And for those who are wondering it’s Batman in the t-shirt.  He’s almost always the one in cowboy boots.

 005 006 
007 008
And then they started building something.  I never quite figured out what it was.

Oh, and please say at some point Princess will outgrow this “it’s dirty” phase of taking off her clothes.  I swear she invents dirt to take off her clothes.

Maybe she thinks we’re nudists.  Except she keeps her underwear on.  Sigh.

** Thanks to Maryanne for pointing out I'd put Batman as both the one in the cowboy boots and the collared shirt, which doesn't work.
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