Friday, November 5, 2010

Preschool and Math all at once

Though I guess technically math happens at preschool, but I wanted to link the math part up to Math Links over at Joyful Learner and the other part over to Preschool Corner over at Homeschool Creations, but I meander long enough.  To the point of this.





For each of the kids I made a card for the numbers showing how to write it step by step.  I got tired of them asking how to write the numbers over and over and over again.  Especially since I’m pretty sure they know how to do this, and they’re doing it to drive me crazy.

Now, when they ask me I just tell them to look at their cards, and they do.  Problem solved.  YEAH!


006Now on to the next idea, I have this book called “Mister Pencil,” that one of the teachers I taught with gave me.  It’s a simple drawing book with a different picture for each letter of the alphabet.  It tells you how to draw using the same lines you use to write letters.  It’s great for learning to draw and for reinforcing writing skills.


The problem, it’s out of print, or something because I can’t find it anywhere online, or I’d link it for ya’ll.



So, that’s been wildly popular, and it’s been improving their direction following skills because they have to wait for me to tell the next step.  And even if I’ve told them how step by step their pictures each turn out very individual and distinctive.

Okay, so this post wasn’t anywhere near as exciting or helpful as I was thinking it was going to be.

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