Monday, November 8, 2010

Totally honored and amazed!

I was looking through the homeschool blog awards to start (I really do need to change that, at some point, I know how I’m just lazy) voting, and was totally amazed and honored to find out I’ve been nominated in one of the categories.


Funniest Homeschool Blogger


I’m nominated with a whole slew of other very honorable nominees (I noticed Joyful Learner over in the Nature blogs, and Almost Unschoolers over in the best projects).  I’m honored to be in such august company.


I have to admit I was trying very hard not to bring it up this time, but I’m super excited to vote for all of my friends this year.


I’m hopefully going to get a more normal post up later, but I’ve been requested to go watch “My Little Pony” with the kids, so I’m trying to work on doing stuff like that more often (though I still won’t go watch Diego except on super special occasions).

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