Sunday, November 7, 2010

Science Sunday: Dinner time science

Oops, scheduled that for the wrong time there, I was wondering what was wrong........

I'm pulling something from my stash of extra posts because I just didn't get my post written in time this week, and I have a bunch to do to get ready for Sunday School tomorrow.  Which will probably lead to more posts for later this week.

Have you ever looked at your dinner and thought, “Why that’s a science lesson!”

If you have you’re a homeschooler, or an “afterschooler.”


So, we were at Red Lobster celebrating Jeff getting a major project done and Batman started asking about my crab.

How did he move his legs?  What was the hard thing in the middle of the meat?  What did he use the meat for?  What is the meat called?

So we talked through it all.  And I mean it all.  How the tendons (the hard part) are what he uses to move his muscles.  That the meat is his muscles.  That the outside part is his exoskeleton, and it is like armor.  Everything you can think of and more.

I’m sure the tables around us were looking at us very weird.  Very weird.  Good thing we got an early dinner, not too many people there.

So, you ever have something lead to a science lesson unexpectedly?

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