Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Geography/History: Battle of Gettysburg


 So, blogger is deleting half of my post.  It looks like it's showing up in Google Reader, but not on my blog itself, that makes no sense......  Sigh.  Now, to try copying it in.  It's one of those days.

It just won't admit it's there, now to rewrite it.

Try 3 or 55 or so.  It’s one of those days.  I may have solved the whole blogger not recognizing my post is there thing, maybe.

You ever find one of those perfect books?  Well, I just did.  This one was a perfect introduction to the Civil War and gave a little bit of history without going into too much detail.

Then we looked at the confederate soldiers.  That’s them in the picture, and we talked about their uniforms, which if Livewriter had worked properly would be all nicely cropped......

See, the Confederate army didn’t have all of it’s soldiers in one uniform.  There were uniforms by state, by different groups, and an official uniform.  So we talked about how hard it might be to know if the person coming at you was a friend or a foe.

And then all of the boys started their little guys shooting, and I figured that was enough for one day.

And on a totally unrelated note, have you ever notice where you have weeks and days where nothing is happening, and then you have a day where it all happens at once, and you can’t keep up with it all?
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