Friday, March 25, 2011

Pennsylvania, a summary, and some other ideas or some such

Hmmm, chocolate is starting to get to me.  I can feel the sugar coming in, or maybe that’s my body starting to de-stress and calm down.  Take your pick.

Going around from left to rightish, on the left hand side:
Pennsylvania picture from Musings of Me
envelope with Union and Confederate soldiers
Berenstein Bears picture
State Symbols page (link to printable will be below click on the picture)
F is for Firefly drawing
Right hand page:
Ben Franklin inventions
Chocolate activity
Not in yet: firefly book (click on the picture to go to the printable)
pennyslvania state symbols
Other activities that didn’t have a printable:
Hershey fraction math
Liberty Bell
Amish/handkerchief doll

And sigh of accomplishment, Pennyslvania is done.  There was a lot there and we barely even scratched the surface even with 2 weeks on it.

Other things you could study that we didn’t even get to: more on the Amish, Crayola, there’s a couple of books on repeating Ben Franklin’s experiments, Gettysburg Address (there is an awesome picture book of this but I couldn’t find it and I don’t know the illustrator, but it’s pen and ink drawings, LOVE it), and I’m sure a whole LOT more.


Shibley Smiles
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