Sunday, March 13, 2011

Science Sunday: Ben Franklin

Science Sunday
What study of Pennsylvania would be complete without something about Ben Franklin inventor extroidanairre (bother, apparently I’m so far off on the spelling of this word spell check doesn’t even have a clue, anyone know what I did wrong, or did I invent a word?)?

Okay, admittedly there are many other famous people in Pennsylvania, but this is one of the people our library had a book on that was checked in.  After a couple of tries.

There’s one I’m gonna want to get about actually doing some of his experiments, but I digress.

As I read the book, the kids found the corresponding invention and would either draw or write the corresponding invention that Ben Franklin had made (the page was cut with flaps on the lines between each picture).

Some of the pictures are less self explanatory than others (the second from the bottom is a heater), but overall the kids had no real problem with completing it as I read it.

Now, can I interpret what the pictures are my kids drew?  Not really.

Click on picture to go to download of the page.
But, it was still fun.
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