Thursday, March 31, 2011

stART: Irving and Muktuk

You had to know with my kids’ rave reviews of this series that we’d do a stART project, and we did.


And, it’s related to New Jersey.  While I was busy doing my research of New Jersey, which I’ll admit most of my knowledge prior to this was: 1.  It’s called the Garden State, and 2.  Everyone jokes that it’s not kinda scuzzy.  Since my main memories of it are pretty much driving on a toll road, while traveling through, and that over 20 years ago.  I can’t really comment much.


Oh wait, before I start my synopsis let me come back up here and finish my thought (this would be where Jeff would say, “Finish your sentence,” as I’d stopped in mid-sentence and completely started something different).


See New Jersey is the blueberry muffin capital of the United States, or something along those lines.


Synopsis: Irving and Muktuk are two bears who love blueberry muffins.  They keep trying to trick the town into giving them all of their blueberry muffins, and the local sheriff keeps catching them.



After reading them the story they were each given a peg doll to color as either Irving or Muktuk and how he was going to trick them into giving them a blueberry muffin.




Here’s Superman’s.  Superman’s is a soldier.  His soldier will order them to give him the muffins.


Princess’ bear morphed into whatever disguise the most person said theirs was.  It was really rather amusing…….

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