Monday, October 17, 2011

Making Music: tin can drums


I mentioned earlier how I’ve been trying to incorporate music more into our day, and we’ve been using these tin can drums for a little bit now.

But just a can is boring, that’s no fun.


So, I gave them some acrylic paints and let them have at the cans.

Now we have pretty shiny cans, and they make music just as well.

Here’s how we’ve used them:

1.  for a beat
2  the different sized cans make different noises, so they can make some music
3.  trying how we hit the cans, different parts make different noises, and what they are hit with changes the sound
4.  tapping out sounds in words
5.  tapping out syllables
6.  building with001
Just a note: I have a clean edge can opener, so the edges of the cans will not cute them.  If you don’t have that, cover the edges with tape, and they’ll be protected in that way.
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