Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tuscon, Arizona and I think I’ve fixed the problem with my blog

Or in theory I have.  There were links to a website that got hacked over the weekend, and in theory I’ve deleted all of the links.  The problem is if I search my blog it keeps saying those links are here, and I don’t know how to fix that problem.  In theory it will resolve itself……



Have you ever heard the phrase “like a bull in a china shop?”  Well, there were times today I thought it should be “like a kid in a jewelry store.”  We spent the morning reliving memories of my childhood and wandering around downtown Tubac.


For those who don’t know downtown Tubas is pretty much artsy type stores with large amounts of breakables.  And I am very proud to announce that the kids did not break a SINGLE THING!  There were a couple of close calls, but nothing broken.




To reward them for their singularly over the top patience we went to the Tuscon Children’s Museum.  It’s not one of the ones I get into free with my Austin Children’s Museum membership, but I HIGHLY recommend it.  The kids happily spent two hours there playing in the different rooms.  The two most popular were the build it room, which included this never before seen by us (and we’re becoming children’s museum experts) caterpillar tree maze thing, and:



what was essentially a glorified ropes course maze.  I think they spent 30 minutes on that thing.  Leaping through it, going over and under the ropes.  Rolling around, pretending the ropes were lasers and would burn them.  Then deciding the blue ones could heal them.  The fun went on and on.



I had fun taking pictures for the next episode in the “Adventures of Green Cowboy, Blue Arrow, and Princess Penny.”  Yes, I wrote the first sage and have sent it off to the printers (as in one of the photo store websites……).  I guess in their next adventures they will be incognito because they are not in their costumes.


We have now arrived at our destination, Phoenix, Arizona and are visiting with my step-uncle and his wife and new baby.  The kids are so funny about babies and are all about seeing the baby.


The kids are zonked out after all of their running around, and I’m going to sign off now and get caught up on my Bible reading.  These past two nights I’ve felt proud to get jammies on and into bed, let alone my Bible read.  Which is rather sad, but I’m looking forward to reading large portions of Joshua tonight.  That’s my next set of stories to illustrate, Joshua and such stuff.

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