Saturday, October 15, 2011

Today is a sad day

Today I go to a funeral for a 13 year old boy.  I’m not gonna go into details about how he died or anything.


Instead I want you to take some extra time to hug your kids today.  Give them extra love and care.  Make sure they know how much you love them.  Talk to them about being careful when they play and how they play.  Remind them how much they are loved.


Take some time out today and cuddle with your guys if they’re willing.  Make them sit with you if they’re not and still cuddle with them.


I’m taking a mental health break for the next several days.  I may comment here and there, but honestly I need a break.  There’s been a lot going on here, too much to get into in one blog post, and honestly it’s somewhat depressing to think of all that’s going on, and most of it doesn’t even effect my family, it just effects everyone we know.  So, I’ll hopefully have posts scheduled, but if not you know why.

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