Thursday, October 27, 2011

T-Rex Trick or Treats


This is a super cute book about a T-Rex who is trying to figure out a scary costume for Halloween, and tries on all manner of costume before finally deciding on the scariest (I’ll leave you to read the book to find out what).


Apparently this is part of a series of T-Rex holiday books and I plan on keeping an eye out for the others.




After reading it I had to have the kids decorate their own T-Rex deciding on a scary costume…….


I let them use whatever supplies they wanted and they happily created their scary T-Rexes.


Princess heavily applied glitter glue and dot markers to hers, and then disappeared with her “pretty” T-Rex upstairs.


The boys happily and quite proudly cut theirs out and glued them up to our Halloween mural.  Which is sadly lacking in much of additions this year, just too much going on this October…… I’m thinking to carry it over to Thanksgiving.


Can you figure out what the scary costume that both of these T-Rexes are wearing is?

Shibley Smiles
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