Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Day in our Homeschool Life

A Day in Our Homeschool Life
I thought about trying to document the perfect day, but let’s be honest, those don’t exist.  At all.

Or not in my house.  So, here’s the honest truth:

7:30- I wake up, the kids have already been awake for a few minutes, but know I don’t wake up well
7:35- I blink at my computer screen and try to resemble a human being while drinking a breakfast shake.  Ever since being pregnant with the twins I haven’t done well with breakfast frequently.
reasons not to teach your child how to microwave
8:15-get breakfast for the kids.  I do not want a repeat of the GREAT PLATE MELTING INCIDENT………..  The smell of melted plastic does not leave your house for HOURS people.
8:30- stare at computer for a few more minutes, maybe blink a little, and decide to take a shower while kids watch TV.  Warn kids we’ll start school once I come out.

8:45-get distracted by book, and read for 15 minutes-ish……..
9:00ish- Calendar Time
9:45- Exercise, led by Superman today.  We practice Kung Fu moves, and do push-ups.  Do you know how many years it’s been since I did a push up?
9:55- Dance break, yes we have a daily dance break.

10:00- Discuss general schedule for day and hand out math assignments
10:20-reading with Rapunzel, I mean Superman.  Yes, he needs a wig to read.
10:32-reading with Princess, yes you need 3 horses to watch you read.
10:50- Batman reads, or imitates a zombie, your guess.  We love our All About Reading Level 1!  Each of the kids is at a different point.  Batman celebrated finishing book 2 this week.
10:56- Mac saves us from any scary things in the backyard below by warning us of them.

11:05- Load up in the car for lunch with my Mom.  Turn around 3 times for various things left behind.  THREE TIMES!
11:30- Lunch with my Mom.  Yes, the boys did bring their math with them because they had problems with something and weren’t done.

1:00- Superman attempts to break his nose at the store.  Errands are cancelled and we head home.

1:30- Superman attempts to injure himself in many more spectacular ways.  I consider wrapping my kids in bubble wrap………….
2:00- Science, canine notebooking, and in case you were wondering, Princess swears pom-poms are necessary to learn about this.

2:25- History, we finish off history for the week early in a marathon spree.

3:00- The boys attempt to sit on each other.  Then decide to dance with the dogs.  Why?  Because they can.

3:15- Batman Lego 2 with Superman.  I should enjoy my birthday present, so I don’t let them play it without me.  That’s what he chose to do with me as the “Kid of the Day.”
4:00- I send the kids upstairs for rest time, and work on the Sunday School lesson for a bit.

4:40- Load up for Kung Fu
5:15- Boys have Kung Fu, I work on drawing pictures for Jonah (lesson the week after), and Princess plays with toys.  She brought Hungry, Hungry Hippo, a hair brush, and a mirror to entertain herself.  I kid you not.

6:15- start cooking dinner.

6:45- eat

7:30-storytime, we’ve just finished “Misty of Chincoteague,” and I’m gonna write about that on Saturday, fingers crossed……….

8:00- All kids are in bed, and at least pretending to sleep

8:30- watch TV and what have you

11:00-look at the time and mumble about going to bed, then sit in bed and read for another two hours.  Look at the clock, realize it’s almost 1:00, I REALLY SHOULD GO TO SLEEP!

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