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Heritage History Review

Heritage History living book curriculum
I told you I’d write a more full review once I’d had a chance to use it more, and then I got busy reading the books included in my Early American library and planning for the school year that I forgot to do that.  But now I have a REVIEW AND A GIVEAWAY for you!

I wrote a detailed how to get your books loaded onto your Nook post a few weeks ago, and the advice there is still how I do it.

Heritage History bookshelfSince then, I’ve taken the time to read two of my books, and I love them.  To make it easier for me to find them, I created a special bookshelf of my American history books.

They are all formatted very well, and like all other Nook (and I’m assuming Kindle) have a touchable Table of Contents to get to specific chapters within a book.  I enjoy that feature since for most of these books I’m not planning on reading the whole book to them.

reading my Heritage History booksAt first when I got the books I assumed I was only going to be able to use it for the fall semester, thinking the spring semester would be too recent to have books included.  But, I was surprised to learn there were some books for World War 1 included in the set as well.

PROS of these CDs
1.  They’re an affordable way to add in some great classical litereature to your school year, each of the Curriculum CDs has at least 40 books, and the libraries look to have at least 30 books.  That’s a great buy.
2.  Well organized.  They break the books down into beginner (green), intermediate (orange), and advanced (red).  I’m planning to use both beginner and intermediate books as read alouds for my kids.
3.  The books themselves are well-formatted for all of the different formats (e-reader, PDF, etc).  They are easily navigable.

CONS of these CDs
1.  If you don’t have an e-reader it could be a lot of printing.  You’d have to decide for yourself if that was worth it.  I’ve had times before I got my Nook I thought it was, but that’s one only you can make the call.
2.  Some of the books on the Early American library are compilation types, which means I have to go to each book to find what I want, and the titles aren’t always descriptive enough for me to know what it is.  Now, I don’t think this is a total con, because it gives me an excuse to read the books.
3.  You might get sucked into reading about something you’re not studying.  We finished studying Lafayette awhile ago, and yet I still took the time to read all about him.  Why?

and how I’m using it with All American History
Heritage History and All American History
I’ve only got the lesson plans for the fall semester, but here’s my general plan so far…….  Of course this is subject to change.

Prelude to Civil War
excerpt’s from Uncle Tom’s Cabin for Young Readers, this was such an influential book
Underground Railroad short story from This Country of Ours
Civil War (this is 4 chapters in
American Book of Golden Deeds: Sympahty of Abraham Lincoln (short story)
Battle Between Ironclads short story from This Country of Ours (very important battle for military history)
Death of Stonewall Jackson short story from This Country of Ours
Grant’s Campaign from This Country of Ours

President is Impeached short story from This Country of Ours (I still remember the political cartoon about this from when I took US history in high school)

Gilded Age and Westward Expansion
True Stories of Our Presidents for Hayes, Garfield, and Arthur (just finished reading one of those for myself out of curiosity)
Stories of Theodore Roosevelt (in particular Battle for San Juan Hill)
Antoine of Oregon
(I’m still looking through for this portion)

Go to Heritage History and check out their stuff, if you buy a history curriculum, add the Spanish Empire library to your cart and enter the code TICIAJOY in the coupon box to get the Spanish Empire library for free!

BONUS, FREE RIGHT NOWI just got an email that the Story of England is free right now!

Now you get a chance to win one of their CDs for yourself!  Use Rafflecopter to enter below.  I was so excited to post this I forgot to put in the:
Giveaway closes one week from today, August 15, 2012
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