Sunday, August 12, 2012

Science Sunday: herbivore or carnivore teeth



We’re attempting to get a head start on our land animals science for the year, and this week we learned about teeth.


Teeth you say?  That’s right, how can you tell whether an animal is an herbivore or a carnivore from it’s teeth.

Short answer:  Herbivores have flat teeth for grinding, and carnivores have sharp pointy teeth for ripping and tearing.


What about omnivores, you say?


They have a combination of both teeth.  Another interesting point, most carnivores don’t chew their meat, but swallow it in bite size pieces.


classifying animal teeth

After learning all of that I printed off several pictures of “funny animal teeth” (that got the best search results).  I made sure to print off some of each type and only print a close-up of the mouth.

classifying animal teeth carnivore or herbivoreclassifying animal teeth carnivore or herbivore

Then came the sorting, more sorting, and the final analysis:

Science Sunday classifying animal teeth

Can you tell what animals I chose?

After all of this wrangling and deciding we had to see for sure what type of teeth our dog had.


And pose for pictures, you can’t forget that.  Doesn’t he look so happy to wear the Rapunzel wig?  And what do you know, he does have carnivore teeth.


I’m behind on commenting, I’ve spent the week enjoying our last few days before we “officially” start school.  We’ve had a playdate each day of the week, so look for your comments someday today or tomorrow.  Sorry guys.




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