Monday, August 13, 2012

Gospel presentation: Chalk Walk

Sharing the Gospel with kids Chalk Walk

This is a gospel presentation my church has been using during Bible clubs for years, since I was in high school (you know when the dinosaurs were roaming the earth, or that’s what my kids believe anyways).

chalk walk sin separates us

You start off by filling an area completely with chalk, so there’s nothing uncovered.  Then you explain the side that Superman is standing on is us, and the other side represents heaven.  And all of that pretty chalk represents the sin that separates us from God.  Sometimes sin can look pretty or fun to us, but it has consequences we don’t see right away.


chalk walk everyone sins

Next, challenge them to get across without getting their feet dirty.  It’s not possible, even if you walk on your tippy toes you get chalk dust on you.  And even a tiny little bit of sin keeps you out of heaven.  No matter how hard we try, we can’t get in on our own.


cross on the crosswalk

But, if someone covers that sin with their payment, like Jesus did with his death on the cross, than we can walk across to become friends with God.


It’s simple, easy, and effective.  It’s one of my favorite gospel presentations for kids.

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