Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Games: My Dwarves Fly

My Dwarves Fly Fantasy game for kids

I gave Jeff this game a few years ago because the title cracked me up.  We’d played it a few times, but not all that often, and then we taught it to the boys………  Who think it’s the most fun and hilarious game ever.

My Dwarves Fly review

The set-up is simple, there are monster cards and treasure cards.  At the start of your game you choose however many you want of each type up to 5 cards.  At the end of your turn you draw back up to 5.


My Dwarves Fly

Treasure cards can change abilities of your “soldiers,” it can make them stronger, luckier, whatever the card says.  You can also play them on your opponents “soldiers” to make them weaker, blind, etc.  My boys haven’t quite gotten the strategy down, so they spend all their time drawing army cards and collecting this giant army.


Which is rather silly because in battles you can only have up to 5 guys, but they don’t’ seem to care.  On your turn you play a card, there are 3 main types you play: character (new soldier), ability (on yourself or opponents), and battles.

games for kids

When a battle happens you choose your warriors and take turns rolling for each character. 

fantasy games for kids

Then your battle is scored.  You have a fight score, and a gold score.  If your fight score is highest you win the battle and get the gold.  But wait!


Your opponent might sneak in a one time use card that changes the score “Your monster was scared,” or “He’ll never notice,” and suddenly someone else is winning or you’re sharing the gold!


All in all, I’d have to say there are many pluses to “My Dwarves Fly.”


Skills worked on: addition, subtraction, small strategy (very small), reading

Strategy to Chance ratio: High Chance, low strategy

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