Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Geography: Our city and the beginning of Texas

Apparently that’s what my kids had to say in my post I left open to draft………
This is the famous round rock that our city of Round Rock was named after.  I know we’re very original, aren’t we?
I wanted to start teaching the kids a little bit about our local area and so we made a field trip of it.
050  We carefully crossed over as close as we could get to see it without getting into the water.  I promised the kids we’d come again in the summer when they could get in the water.  They’re kind of used to coming to this park and playing in the creek.  So, it was a little hard for them to not go in the water.
Afterwards we spent some time throwing sticks into the river.  If you look really closely you can see Superman has a piece of string in his hands that is tied to a stick.  He found someone’s old fishing line and had thrown the stick in the river and was pulling it around.  Of course after he’d let it go and had wandered off I realized I should have gathered up the fishing line so it didn’t get caught on some poor duck.  The things you realize after the fact.

060 061 066
And then they had to try all the places they could throw sticks.
That was our first activity.  After we learned about our city we started to learn about our state.

First we read L is for Lone Star.  This is a great series if you ever get a chance to read these, there is one for each state in the union.  I had this from back in my teaching days, and it does a great job of giving you some fun facts about the state, one for each letter of the alphabet.  If you have a kid a little older than mine than you can read them the extra facts, or if they’re little like mine just stick with the one sentence statements.
As I read the book I thought of all sorts of great day trips I could go on if I were doing this forever and a day long study of Texas.  This is definitely one of the advantages of homeschooling, as long as it is in my budget I can do as many field trips as I want.  So, I could take them to the Texas Ranger museum, or go the the Alamo, or the Dr. Pepper museum, or the Blue Bell ice cream factory (I was kind of surprised this wasn’t the b word, but I guess it does make more sense to use the state flower, but come one “Blue Bell, the best ice cream in the country,” what Texan doesn’t know that jingle?), and the state capital down in Austin.
Of those my plans are to go to the state capital, originally that was going to happen last Friday, but………  After that I’m thinking either Dr Pepper museum or the Blue Bell ice cream factory.  Many of the others are probably better when the kids are older.
We also read The Legend of the Bluebonnet by Tomie dePaola.  I’ll have a post specifically for that later this week.  In theory.
For more great geography ides head on over to Children Explore, Children Learn, Children Grow.
Oh, and this is the first post I wrote in Windows Live Writer, or at least first one I scheduled.  We’ll see if it shows up at 4:13 today.
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