Sunday, February 28, 2010

Science Sunday: SNOW and ice

So, we got some surprise snow this week.  The first snow the kids really got to see and will probably remember.  I’m guessing they don’t remember the sleet that came through here before the boys turned two, and Princess was just an infant…..
And this would be an excellent reason why I don’t post themes for Science Sunday.  Originally I had a very different project planned for this week, and then we had snow.  And we had to experiment with it.
062 MATERIALS: ice, water, bowls, snow
HYPOTHESIS: the ice in the snow will melt the slowest.
SET UP: 4 bowls, one with hot water, one with cold water, one with snow, and the control with nothing but ice.

So, we dropped our ice cubes in.  The first ice cub in the hot water melted before I actually got the snow for the snow and ice one, so I had to get another ice cube.  Then I set a timer to check on the ice cubes after five minutes.  We all put a sticker on the one we thought would melt the slowest.  Everyone but Batman was sure it would be the ice and snow one.
After five minutes we went over to check on the rate of melting and revise our hypothesis.  We talked about how we can change our prediction based on what we’ve seen.  So, Batman changed his to the snow bowl, and I changed mine to the control.  We noticed at this point the hot water one had completely and totally melted, and the cold water one was much more melted than the others.
After 10 minutes the cold water one was essentially melted and Batman was quite happily dipping his fingers in and licking the water off from that bowl.  Superman was happily playing with our control ice, and Princess was just made she couldn’t stand on the chair as well.

So, lesson learned: Ice in hot water melts fastest, and ice that is not in water melts the slowest.  Hmmm, in my quick look through I can’t find a good link to explain adequately why the one in air melted slowest.  I have a theory, but not one that I could explain well.
What’d you do in your house this week?
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