Monday, February 15, 2010

Interview with Princess

Virginia over at Roger's Family Blog posted an interview/questionnaire that her 4 year old son Caleb did, and then I saw it over on Refined Metals Academy, and now I’m doing it with Princess.  I’ll probably eventually do it with the other two, but she’s happily sitting on my lap right now.
010in the bathroom in Ikea, she thought the whole idea of the little chair to keep kids off the ground hilarious!

What is your name: Batman and you call me Princess (insert her actual name on that last one, she insists now that boys must call her Batman)
When is your birthday: Ummmm(at this point she’s trying to take off my necklace), I think um…. what my birthday on Mom? “November 20”
How old are you: Ummm, I fall off. 3.  I’m still 3.
Who is your Mama: Ticia 
What does your Mama do: Paint people
Who is your Daddy: Jeffy
What does your Daddy do: paint people too, and buckle me 
What is your favorite color: pink
What is your favorite song: Hmmm…. My favorite song is Aurora sings
What do you want to do when your grow up: ummm, I want to be ummmm…. a big kid and
Where do you want to live when you grow up: in our house, at our house Mom
What is your favorite food: cheese roll ups (can you tell she likes Taco Bell?)
What is your least favorite food: Food I don’t like is ummm, hmmm…. I think food I doesn’t like is red noodles.  I don’t like those (spaghetti with marinara sauce)
What is your favorite animal: horsies is
What do Mama and Daddy do after you go to bed: read me a story, they talk to us from downstairs
Who does our family love the most: God 
Where do we go to church: Huh, maybe we go to church right it’s way from our house
Why do we go to church: Cause um you said us go to church every day (I’m not sure how we do that)
What is your favorite movie: Aurora’s (Sleeping Beauty, which she doesn’t actually sit down and watch)
What is your favorite Ice Cream Flavor: My favorite ice cream is is is ummm hmmmm green ice cream (mint chocolate chip)
Where do you like to eat: at Taco Bell
Who is your favorite person: Daddy (that should make Jeff’s day)
Who is your best friend: Reagan
What is your favorite book: Ummmm, uh uh uh, hmmm Aurora is (we have about six different books with Sleeping Beauty in it)
Who is your brother: Batman and Superman and they do funny things, eat sandwiches and I don’t know and what else they
Where did your brother come from: ummmm, Aurora’s on my phone, Mom I get to hold it (she really likes the fax phone on the printer), that’s your glasses
What is your favorite thing to do: I like to fight bad guys on your computer Mom
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