Monday, February 22, 2010

Review: I Wanna Be a Firefighter e-book

I’m trying out for the Homeschool Crew, and received two e-books from them to try out.  This is the first of two I’m reviewing.
So, first details.  I Wanna Be a Firefighter is released by TOS Homeschool E-Store and is $8.95.  When you open it you get 82 pages of things to do.
I’m going to start off by saying a great deal of this was over my kid's’ heads.  They enjoyed it, but they’re not old enough for most of the activities.  And, truthfully I’d be worried if they were.  This is intended for elementary ages, and I’d say most of them are aimed at about a strong second grade level.
So, if most of it was too old for my kids, how did I use it?  There’s about 20-30 pages of read-aloud information about firefighters.  We learned about the history of firefighting, why there are fire dogs, and a bunch of other information.
After I was done reading to them I had fun asking the kids what they learned.  Here’s what they said “They use hoses and the water comes out and sprays them, and then they use axes to cut down the walls.”  “The dogs were there to keep the horsies safe and keep people away.”  Not too surprising my kids mainly took away from the read aloud the weapons and the animals.
What we got the most use out of is the games and physical activities.  They loved the “Stay Low and Go” game and the “Stop Drop and Roll” game.  There’s about 10 or so games listed in this that we could have used, and ideas for how to host a party.  I’d show you pictures of the games, but we were having too much fun to take pictures.  So you’ll just have to imagine laughing kids.

So, is this worth it?  For me right now, no.  But, if I had older kids, or kids in a wide age range, yes.  There was about 60 pages worth of materials that we weren’t even able to touch on because my kids weren’t up to the writing activities they had and the depth of knowledge discussed.
Books that would go well with this e-book that I happen to have:
Busiest Firefighters Ever by Richard Scary
A Sesame Street book called “I Want to Be a Firefighter” that must be out of print because I can’t find it on Amazon.
Hmmm, I’m having zero luck finding the books I have.  I guess that’s the downside of buying most of your books at Half Price Books, they’re random, obscure and hard to find.
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