Thursday, April 2, 2009


Imagine a cool looking craft button that I could not get to copy into my blog

Over at Blue-Eyed Blessings, she's having a button craft challenge. I said, "yes, I'll do that," and eagerly imagined all of the wonderful button crafts I was going to make and how I would do all of these cool embellishments. Then reality hit, and it got to the end of the challenge and I didn't really have anything done. So, I quickly decided to "pimp out" my boys' overalls. It was the best option for a fun quick craft.

Like so many others I don't have a before picture, because I didn't remember it. I got one picture of the in progress work, and several of the after. So, here goes.

I sketched out a truck using my fabric markers. I sewed it on using my machine and then trimmed really close to it.

So, here's the end result with the buttons I found and liked.

Notice, he's already knocked off the first button.


And everybody's happy!
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