Wednesday, April 1, 2009


For their birthday from their Nana my boys got a tent. As soon as it was set up they all desperately NEEDED to sleep in this tent. Once they were all in and seemingly settled they discovered that they NEEDED pillows. Here's where the problem came in. Three pillows do not fit across the back of that tent. We could not convince them they did not all need pillows. So, our makeshift solution was to use the pillows that we lean against when reading stories, doing school work. They worked okay, but not really. Let's face it, they're not made for that purpose.

Sleeping in their new tent

Now, here's where the inspirational genius came in. We were wandering through Ikea looking for some other things when we saw some little pillows about 12 inches square for $1.50. PERFECT!

So I took them home and thought these are boring, I can fix that. I cut a strip of fabric 13" by the width of the fabric. Next, I cut a 13" square and then 2 nine inch rectangles. I hemmed the 9x13 rectangles, arranged them so the fit nicely on top of the 13" square with right sides facing. Sewed around the outside. Now I have a nice easy envelope pillow case. I stuck the pillows in, and the problem was solved.


This has made everyone very happy. They still don't really get to sleep in the tent, because let's face it, they don't sleep. They play. They giggle. They run in and out of the tent. But, they don't argue about pillows.

Superman now even prefers this little bitty pillow to his normal pillow.
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