Friday, March 19, 2010

The dangers of paint

or, how my daughter turned my bath tub black.


So, the boys got easels for their birthday and have been busily creating masterpieces.  If masterpieces can be mass-produced.

003 004 006 001 007

Why do I bring this up, as you can see Princess really enjoys her painting.  But, the first day I let them actually free paint whatever they wanted this is what I discovered her doing:


In case you can’t tell that is her painting her arm.  Her entire arm.  Well I sent her off to wash her hands and she reappeared a minute later naked, with more paint on her.  I think the paint started multiplying, or something.  So I gave in and gave her the much requested bath while the boys took a shower.  After her bath the tub was rather dirty.

070This does not reveal the true extent of the filthiness.  That is after I tried washing it down with a wet wash cloth, foolishly thinking it would just come off easily.  This is after it has been sitting with soap on it for about five minutes before I scrubbed it down.  Actually, after the soaking it came off fairly easily, but still.  Gross much?

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