Friday, March 12, 2010

Making a Robin Hood inspired costume

Superman has created his own hero.  His name is Blue Arrow.  When asked what Blue Arrow does, here’s his answer.
“He fights bad guys.  By shooting and hitting them.  He just shoots arrows.  He keeps people safe.  He lives on our planet and he keeps us safe.  He has a spaceship that’s shaped like an arrow.”
green_arrow_image Basically think Green Arrow, only he’s blue.

Not too surprisingly I got a request to make him a Blue Arrow Costume for his birthday.  He had about twenty other costumes I needed to make as well, but I convinced him I was only making the one.
First I tried searching the pattern companies for a Peter Pan or Robin Hood costume for little guys.  I didn’t see one for any of the patterns that were going to be on sale soon, so I searched online to find a tutorial, and found one that inspired the costume, but I kind of ignored the details.  So, here’s what I did.
What you need: approximately half a yard of knit fabric for a shirt.  I didn’t make pants because he was perfectly happy with just the shirt.

1.  Fold your cloth in half.  Have your kid lie down on the fabric while it is folded in half.  Trace around him in a “T” shape.

2.  Square up your  lines.  I added thicker lines in Paint to make it clearer.
3.  Cut out half or your shirt and the bottom of the shirt.  Now fold your shirt in half.  Use the first half that you cut out as a pattern for the other half.  Again I added thick lines in Paint to make this more clear.

4.  Now cut a curve shape out for the head.  Slip it over the head to make sure it fits.  As you can see I needed to cut it out slightly more.  I solved this by cutting a slight slit, because I wanted a slit like Green Arrow has.

5.  Sew up sides using a stretch stitch.  Next I folded down a quarter inch on the neckline and sewed around the edge.  This particular fabric was having a tendency to run a little, so I wanted to make sure it wouldn’t run from being pulled too much.
6.  One more important detail.  After you have sewn up the sides you need to clip the turn.  I just did a simple snip almost to the seam.

Sadly, this is the best picture I have of him in it, despite his wearing it so much I’ve washed this three times.
Here is the site that inspired my making of this costume.  They have some great tutorials, and more information for making a Peter Pan costume.
My next step once my sewing room is put back together is to make a hat.
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