Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Daniel story to share with you

Well, I was going to try and wait to share this until I got all of Daniel done, but I’m just struggling with chapter 1, and I discovered I didn’t save chapter 3 when I wrote it, and chapter 2 I have to go back and color it, because I figured out it doesn’t work super well in black and white, so I have chapter 4.
After that long and rather confusing introduction let me go back and explain.  Last fall we started going through the Bible using Bible Study Guide with our kids.  I love it, instead of hopping around it goes through each character thoroughly.  They take 13 weeks to cover Joseph, and 6 weeks to cover the book of Daniel.  What’s more they have it broken down into 3 different levels, beginner (designed for 3 years to 1st grade), intermediate (for 2-4 or 5th grade), and advanced (I’d say for junior high age).  They have application questions for each age range and so on and so forth.
009 The only problem I have with it is most of the stories covered aren’t really included in children’s Bibles, some I can see why, but a lot of them should be.  Do you know how many extensions I thought of with Daniel chapter 1?  But, it’s not included in kid’s Bibles.  So, starting with Daniel I started making illustrated versions for my kids based off the illustrations that came with the study.
And, since I figured other people might be in the same boat as me, I figured I’d share it with everyone.  And, yes the pictures aren’t great, and yes there’s definite scaling problems, but it achieves what I’m trying for.
Daniel 4

Hopefully you like it.   I’ll probably link this up to Carissa’s Raising Rock Stars post later on if you want to check out other Bible story ideas.
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