Saturday, April 2, 2011

The random how to encourage learning and creativity post

learning laboratory at mama smiles

No really, that’s what I’m titling it.


This is nominally inspired by “Playful Learning” which I’ve been enjoying reading to review.


I’ll start with this:


This is a treasure box.  you can tell because of the treasure trove of swords.


Now, all you need to do is take out the swords and you have:



A train.  All that is needed is a steering wheel, which Batman is quite happily adding.






This is also a train.  In case you were wondering.  Superman and Batman took the boxes from their party and finagled them into these contraptions.  This is the train for their “kiddos.”



I have no clue where they picked that term up, no honest I don’t.  I would never call my kids that.  Or at least not more than 200 times a day.  It’s a great way to grab the random kid who is walking by and you can’t see for sure who it is.


Yes, sometimes, okay quite often, learning in my house is spontaneous and totally unrelated to what we’re officially studying…….

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