Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bible Alive: Luke 15, Prodigal Son, etc……

So, I had this GENIUS idea, no I mean GENIUS!  We were going to act out the Prodigal Son, and I was going to make costumes.  Except I only came up with a prop for the Father:



Enter the beard, which if anyone’s interested I can explain how to make.  This is the unfluffed version.


I wrote out a script, which I figured out after talking to the kids needed a lot of revision, why you ask?



Here’s why:

1.  They don’t know what an inheritance is.

2.  They don’t know why he thought being a pig farmer was terrible.

3.  They still didn’t totally understand the story.

I’m heading back to the drawing board soon.

ZZ top


But, they did love acting it out, and really enjoyed the beard.  We commented he looked like ZZ Top, and he looked confused and said, “Who?”


To make sure they got the idea of why the silver coins were so important we talked about what they were worth in our money, and the kids were much more impressed at the idea of searching for $100.





They certainly searched long and hard for the Hershey kiss coins we told them to find…..


And quite happily ate them too.



Now head on over to Fantastic Five to see more great Bible ideas!


PS: Sorry for the picture quality, I took these all with my phone,  we were running late, and I didn’t want to make us later by insisting on getting my camera………

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