Friday, July 1, 2011

For anyone wondering what I’ve been up to this summer

I’ve achieved one of the things on my summer bucket list, and so far I’ve mostly kept it up.  There’s a few things on the floor that need to be cleaned up now, but here ya go:


That’s before.  Yes, isn’t it truly horrible?  I mean horrible.  I’m rather ashamed it got that way, but I had a couple of deadlines and then it came down, where should we put this?  “Go put it in the sewing room,” and thus it got horrid.



And here’s the almost after.  The big tubs are a trash tub and a “doesn’t belong in this room tub,” I need to finish putting together one of the bookcases, but that’s going to be an afternoon project next week.  I think I’m mostly recovered from this crazy month of June.


So, that’s one thing to check off of my Summer Bucket list……..

To reward myself for all my hard work I made this:


As well as a finishing off a few other items……..

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