Saturday, July 16, 2011

I finally wrote these down…….



It feels like ages since I’ve linked up here, probably because it has been ages, but we’ve been running around like chickens with our heads cut off for so long I can barely remember what books we’ve read.


Mostly lots and lots of joke books.  Jeff and I are rather tired of endless rounds of jokes that make no sense and the kids laughing like mad men, so we endeavored to teach them what makes a good joke.  This has resulted in the kids memorizing two jokes and telling them to us a MILLION times.  You only think I’m exaggerating.


Ladybug Girl and the Bug Squad- I LOVE this book and this series.  I’m trying to think of a fun activity to do with this, and everything I’m thinking of requires going outside in the heat or is way too complicated.  I’ll keep thinking.


Ponyella- I got this as a surprise for my pony crazy Princess, and she hasn’t let it out of her sight since.  It’s a total knock-off of Cinderella, but it’s still cute.  Princess LOVES this book, there was a small meltdown when she couldn’t find it one night.


If You Give A……-  We’ve been rereading these books in honor of the author’s birthday last Thursday, and I’m slowly putting together a unit study that I’ll share at some point.  Mainly when I’ve thought it out beyond that I want to do one.

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