Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How to make your wife feel LOVED!

As I mentioned on Monday, that was my birthday.  And, well see my primary love language is gifts.  I love to get them, give them, what have you.  I love to see people open presents.  It is the most wonderful thing to find the PERFECT present for someone.

Jeff has learned this through years of exhaustive research and study.  And some not so subtle hints.

Here’s my tips:

1.  It’s not just a birthDAY, it’s a birthWEEK!  Oh yes!  All week long Jeff brought home little surprises.  I got flowers 3 times last week.  Each time he’d call me right when he got home and I sent out a different kid each time and then the chosen kid would quite proudly present me with flowers.  Boy was there fighting over who got to bring in the flowers.

2.  Take the kids out to pick presents.  Last week Jeff took the kids and they each picked presents for me.  Batman got me a movie to watch with him.  Superman insisted I needed a game, and got me the Lego Harry Potter game (totally awesome, will write more on that later), and Princess got me something “that smells good and a pretty Jesus candle, see Mommy it’s pretty.”

3.  The kids all got me cards and signed their names and wrote “Love you,” that is so neat to see.


4.  Doing something he tolerates with me because I love it.  Jeff went to see Footloose with me.  He REALLY loves me.  He has already said that “Sound of Music” next year is going to be a girl’s night, I can only push the boundaries so far.

5.  Small little things, like oh say bringing me a giant Dr. Pepper………  Especially after I had to plunge the toilet and clean a very filthy bathroom.  EWWWWWW
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