Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Virginia: Patrick Henry


Did anyone else always find Patrick Henry to be the coolest guy ever?  I always admired him when I was in school and thought he was one of the most interesting founding fathers.  And then when I went to Williamsburg a few years ago I found more to admire about him.


Did you know he didn’t agree with how our government ended up with, and because of that he felt it wasn’t right that he should be involved in any federal office despite being asked to several times?


Reading this book I learned more things about him, for instance he has no head for business.  He ran two stores and one farm into the ground, but he’s a great lawyer.



I was trying to think of a good thing to do for what we learned about him, and came up with a simple booklet that we cut the top half in thirds, so it was a flap book.  On each different flap we wrote something he tried his hand at and if he did well or not.


The kids remembered how he did surprisingly well for it being a fairly complicated book for their age.  Sometimes I’m amazed at how much they remember about these books.

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