Saturday, September 3, 2011

How’d I do on my goals?

Well somehow it’s September.  I’m not quite sure how that happened, but it did…….


First let’s check on our summer goals:

0451.  Go to the beach and collect sea shells
2.  Go to Schlitterbahn!
3.  See Cars 2, it’s coming out this summer and I know the kids will want to see it.The kids saw it with my Mom, or was it Aunt Tara?  I still  haven’t seen it.

4.  Paint with water on the sidewalk, better do it soon before the sidewalk becomes too hot.Did not get this done……….  But maybe when it cools off

5.  Go to the Austin Children’s Museum again soon.  Went to a different museum
6.  Go to Zilker Park. (one of many trips)

208700137.  Play in the water and pool A LOT!
8.  Find one new park.
9.  Make ice cream successfully
10.  Go to the Austin Science and Nature Center- too hot
11.  Go put-putting
12.  Make a water obstacle course, this has been my dream for a couple of years, ever since I saw it in Family Fun in a doctor’s office.- still a goal
13.  Play in a summer rainstorm.  Might as well have fun with the random rain we’ll get this summer, which we so DESPERATELY need.  NO RAIN!  Anyone know how to perform a rain dance?


For Me
1.  Get the sewing/school room put together which will then let me put back together the game room.
2.  Similarly get the piles cleaned out in the dining room. mostly done
3.  Go to the Zilker Musical, this year it’s “Footloose.” see Zilker link
4.  Sleep in at least once yes, yes I did

39For the whole family
1.  Have a family date night and watch some fun movies, never got blogged about because all of the attempts at interesting and amusing things went horribly horribly wrong, and became a Science post instead
2.  Play more games together
3.  Beat Batman Lego, that’s probably more a goal for Superman and myself because we’re the two fans of that game, but there’s a couple of levels we need to get better at to get the final Lego pieces.  Sigh, no
4. Backyard Bible Clubs
5.  Warrior Prince Academy/Princess Academy, maybe.


Pretty good with our summer bucket list, most got done, or fairly close.  I still want to figure out a water obstacle course, but the one I’m dreaming of requires large amounts of PVC pipes.


AUGUST GOALS:(go to actual link to see detailed answers)

School: mostly achieved, didn’t get explorers all the way done, but close enough


Organizing: About halfway done, but made progress on all of them.


Kids: kinda done.  I implemented some, but not others.


September Goals

0011.  Finish school plans and goals

2.  finish the second month of Sunday school plans, have the first month completely done, and the second is almost done.  And then get a start on the third month.

3.  Get an afternoon schedule done.  I’ve got a morning one, which we’ve successfully done a few times.  Kinda

4.  Chore chart for kids, we got a start, but not all the way done, and for peace of mind I’d like it done.

monthly goals at mama smiles
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