Wednesday, March 7, 2012

AAH: Make a haversack

Also known as “sew a small bag.”


I have no pattern to show you.  It’s simple, take one of those 9x12 pieces of felt and cut it in half.  One of those halves cut off about 3-4 inches from the top of it.  Place it on top of the other piece and sew.  Cut a strap from a piece of ribbon measured to the size of your kid.



During the Revolutionary War children would help support the war by sewing bags for the soldiers to carry their stuff in.  After we finished sewing we brainstormed what might be in their bags: bullets, food, knife, Bible, letters from home, etc.


They’ve been using their bags nonstop since they made them.  Pretty good job, huh?


In case anyone’s wondering: fabric used: felt, regular sewing needle and thread (I didn’t grab embroidery thread this time, though it’s easier for kids to use because of its thickness).

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