Saturday, March 24, 2012

Our Saint Patrick’s Day Celebration


We have a house brownie.  His or her name is Periwinkle.  Depending on who you ask, Periwinkle is a boy or a girl.  I’ve noticed the answer matches the person answering the question.


Periwinkle lives through the door there.  It’s a magical door.  From what we can see it’s just a normal door, there’s nothing behind it.  But inside that door is her house.  She comes out from time to time and encourages my kids to clean.  She has been known to give candy for clean rooms, or encouraging notes.




Princess spent Saint Patrick’s Day morning creating all sorts of wonderful pictures for Periwinkle.


There are also various sewing projects in works.  Actually, now that I’m looking over at Periwinkle’s door, I’m noticing a small stash of blankets and pillows she made there.

Small might have been an understatement……..


Periwinkle got the news he was going to join us last Saint Patrick’s Day.  So we celebrate his Joining Day on that day.  It takes a long time to travel from Ireland, so he didn’t arrive to our house until late July.



Periwinkle wrote Princess a lovely note to thank her for the present and gave her a small toy which he had found while cleaning up our house the other night.  Apparently, one of the charms from my charm necklace as a kid was found in my closet.  Periwinkle thought Princess would love to use it for her dolls.


If you’ll excuse me, Periwinkle needs to write another thank you note to Princess for the lovely blankets she made.  After much hard work she was able to carry them through her very small door.

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