Friday, March 16, 2012

My Memories of the boys’ party

I posted earlier my quick tips for our Carnival Party.  It was an exciting adventure, you see it was supposed to be an outside party, but this is what it looked like outside.


Yes, that is standing water.  And it was raining pretty hard that day.  So plans changed, and we scrapped some games that REQUIRED being outdoors (archery), and generally changed plans.


That morning we iced the cake.


No one will ever pin these cakes as examples to decorate, but that wasn’t my goal.  It was to let my kids have a blast decorating.


When all the kids got here we started decorating, I wish I’d thought to get a picture of all the kids waiting to head upstairs.  I was practically mobbed.



My sister in law kindly agreed to paint faces, didn’t she do an amazing job on that butterfly?


Everyone was quite happy.  The boys loved their presents.



And afterwards it was a “leisurely” afternoon of putting together legos.


Well, for the boys.  The Girl spent the afternoon playing with my secret weapon of little doggies for the afternoon.


And next week, I will hopefully return to a more normal posting schedule, but we took an impromptu Spring Break this week when I discovered we were having an inside party.

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