Saturday, July 14, 2012

getting started with Heritage History CDs


I just got my very first Heritage History CD in the mail.  I would like to first mention my restraint at not tearing it open in the car.  A review will be forthcoming, but I figured someone else besides me has to wonder how things like this work, so I’m putting together a super simple what to do.


1.  Put the CD in your drive (yes I know that’s obvious, but I’m going from square one).  Mumble to yourself about the blanket the kids left on the floor, and your obvious need to clean the office.


2.  Click on run books_genre.html.  This will open up a tab in your browser. Now start drooling as you see all of the books you can read.  I mean you can read to your kids.  I of course got this for my kids.  Not me.


3.  Spend the next 20 minutes trying to decide what to read first.  I really can’t quite decide, but I think I’m going to read to them about Marquis de Lafayette.  I love that the books are divided by age category.  Green is for the youngest kids, orange for middle kids, and red for older.  I’d guess from the first few pages I’ve read, that Green books could be read by a 3rd grader.  I will eventually share this with my kids.  I promise.


4.  Go get your Nook or Kindle cord to transfer files to your reader.  Then follow the directions included.



5.  Now spend another twenty minutes trying to decide which of the 12 books you just put on your Nook you want to read first.  I showed restraint in only putting 12 on.  A LOT of restraint.


I also did not order the Ancient Greek CD because I wanted it.  I was good, but now that I think of it, it could be a perfect present for a friend of mine……….


Now, I’m sure you’re asking: Why is she telling us all this before she’s done anything with it?

Two reasons:


1.  Any purchase right now gets you entered to win a free Kindle Fire (SCORE!)


2.  Because if you put in the code: TICIAjoy  You can get a free Spanish Empire Library with the purchase of any curriculum.



*** DISCLOSURE: I did receive a free copy of the American Library, but come on it’s so cool…..  ******

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